The Pursuit of Happiness – In the kitchen

Nothing makes me happy the way home cooked meals do. So why am I not doing it myself I asked … then cooking wholesome, healthy and delicious meals became something I am currently trying to master. I have always enjoyed cooking, but I have never spent a lot of time dabbling in it. Plus the Lord of Loyalty and Logic (aka my husband) has always been a fabulous cook, so I have tended to rely on him and takeout with the very very occasional cooking dabbles myself.

Anyway more recently with being a lot happier in our new abode I have discovered a drive to expand and master my culinary skill. So the past long weekend where we remembered the heroes, that were our ANZACs, I decided on the meals we were going to have for each night and I set out to excel!

Before I share with you, the dishes I decided on and the end result of my little food expedition I just wanted to talk about my experience with takeout and why home cooked is always a better and happier experience!

Takeout for two always works out eating into your hip pocket. Even though it may be cheaper for the actual dishes themselves, I have found in other ways it can be expensive. There is always heaps left over and seriously reheated day or two (if you are really courageous) old takeout is dreadful and usually approaching disgusting! So I often end up throwing it out.

Quite often takeout effects my sleep and wellbeing the following day. There are obviously many ingredients used in takeout dishes unknown to me that make me restless, have nightmares, and quite literally have me waking up feeling like I am hungover. Plus I often feel as though I have oil oozing out of my skin making my skin itchy and irritated. It really can’t be safe for us can it so why do we allow takeout to be produced in this way? Does anyone know what these delightful ingredients might be that are obviously not in home-cooked food? I don’t ever remember having these kinds of reactions to home-cooked food.

So anyway my culinary creations included the following:

Lasagne sided with pan-fried chilli and turmeric brussel sprouts
(Never cooked Lasagne before and even made the mince myself from veal and pork fillets and a reasonably healthy cheese topping from ricotta, creme fraiche and parmesan)

Home made Lasagne and Sprouts

Beef Wellington sided with braised broccolini and pine nuts.
(My absolute favourite dish in the whole world and again never attempted before. I used a side of scotch fillet and chicken and cognac pate and made individual ones with filo pastry) (sorry it was so good I forgot to take a photo!)

Pan seared scallops in chilli and lemongrass on a bed of bok choy and organic soba noodles
(I could eat scallops until they came out my ears! These were particularly large white meat scallops from China found at my very local fish shop)

Pan Seared Scallops

The best thing about these dishes was that I made them straight from my head. No recipe and there were plenty of leftovers from the Lasagne and Beef Wellington that can safely be frozen and will be totally edible when reheated.

Another addition to things that I have found make me happy… for recipes for any of the above feel free to contact me.

Until next week in the pursuit of happiness.



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