The Pursuit of Happiness – Beauty soothes the soul

As many of you know I absolutely adore beauty, colour and fashion. But it must be done well! To suit a moment, theme, face and body with a lot of cleverness.

I have my own beauty and fashion consulting business that specialises in brides and weddings. I enjoy working with elegance, soft yet dramatic colours and bringing out the finer detail. To me this is weddings to a tee.

As a beauty and fashion consultant my eyes are attracted to symmetry, proportion, and all things aesthetically pleasing to the eye in general. So when I get the opportunity to have a little pampering myself of course I want the results to give me symmetry, proportion and aesthetics. Thus, I choose certain beauticians, artists and technicians for particular reasons.

What I look for in a beautician, artist or technician first is that they use products and techniques that I know and trust. I need to know that they have taken care to select products that are safe, nourishing and benefit my skin, nails, hair and lashes in the best possible way, of course without costing the earth. Second I choose them for their customer service brilliance. Come on I want to feel pampered, so of course they need to make me feel comfortable being me, getting the treatment or service I have ordered, and they care about me as a person. They also tell me about different specials or sales and new products they have but don’t come across too pushy for me to buy. And they are knowledgeable about what they do and why certain products and techniques are used. Finally, I choose them because they are perfectionists. They always provide the same service consistently, their attention to detail is amazing and their own presentation, salon and workstations or treatment rooms are spotless!

As a beautician and fashion consultant myself I pride myself on all the above and so when I want to be pampered myself I expect the same! So to me, the right beautician, artist, and technician is paramount.

Now I wanted to share a great example of this when I decided I needed to find a nail technician who I could go to regularly, would do the job I do or better, using gel and wasn’t going to cost a bucket. Some of you may have seen my Facebook posts when I posted how ecstatic I was with my new nails. I went to a Japanese salon and wanted to try a new shape with a subtle colour but sparkly finish. And I was so impressed. ShiGeKo did an amazing job, spending around 45 minutes just preparing my nails and perfecting the shape before adding any colour or nail art.

nail shape personality

According to my little nail shape personality guide I usually go for a Squoval shape but my personality is generally that of the Round nail girl and I decided to give it a go. And what a perfect job ShiGeKo did to transform the shape and poor state of my nails into this … You can see why I was over the moon.

nail perfection

I hope this helps some of you to find a better beautician, artist or technician, cause we are out there you just gotta look and try.

Happy pampering in the pursuit of happiness!

Till next week



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