The colours behind Chanel

Chanel is my absolute favourite of high end brands. I used to live in Sydney CBD and when walking to work had the opportunity to window shop in a number of these high end stores such as Hermes, Versace, Bally, Burberry, Louis Vuitton and the windows of Chanel were always my favourite to look at. I have always found their designs elegant and simple with an air of femininity. Their use of colour was also elegant and simple and so of course this post giving reason behind the Chanel use of colour is just plain clever and awe inspiring to me. Enjoy xxMelly

Digital Style Journal

Chanel feeds its brand image with this powerful video.

Should companies always have a reasoning behind the colour(s) they use for identifying their brands?

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4 thoughts on “The colours behind Chanel

      • Absolutely! I would definitely associate White & Black with sophistication – instantly because they are the main colours highlighted in the Chanel Logo – & gold/ red are vibrant & seductive – I am in that sense drawn to YSL for their luxurious Makeup pacakging / Lipstick Logo!!

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