Quick Post: Flying high

Another quick post. So most of you may not know not only do I own my own beauty and fashion consulting business but I also work full time in quite a demanding role. Basically I manage injuries for NSW, ACT and SA for a large mining, construction, tunneling and services company. And as I’m a Regustered Nurse and Occupational Therapist I also get involved in ergonomic assessments, manual handling, and medical assessments. As you can imagine all this keeps me incredibly busy … However thats not why I decided to do this quick post so I’ll get back on topic … I thoroughly enjoy travelling but today was an exception.

Today I flew to Adelaide to meet with the insurer and people from our mine site in SA. I had a bit of a bad start where I had decided to start using a different handbag. And stupid me left out my wallet. OH NO!!! You can imagine my immediate panic but I realised just as I arrived at the airport. So I was either going to have to miss my flight or work out how I could make it work. Luckily the taxi driver I knew and he was scheduled to take me home again this evening so I could sort out payment then.

The flight was with Qantas and I had already checked in on my mobile so there was no issue there.


I messaged a colleague who I was meeting in Adelaide to see if he could meet me to help out with paying for the taxi. Then I realised I hadn’t charged my work phone  and the battery was running low. So I diverted it to my personal phone, copied my colleagues number into my phone and swutched it off hoping to save battery.

On board Qantas I have found that they have really picked up their game since their new branding shift with bright new professional looking uniforms.


And the breakfast served was lovely with a small container of crunchy and tasty granola, and a larger container of lovely thick and creamy vanilla yoghurt. Plus a small breakfast loaf and they even served me a hot chocolate. I dont drink tea or coffee so a hot chocolate is always a nice treat. Anyway the flight was seamless. However my work phone would not turn on. The battery was flat. Oh well I had that sorted

My colleague assisted me with the taxi fare through his work credit card (who would have paid for it anyway) and bonus the taxi driver had a phone charger to fit my phone and it had charged enough to last me till after my meeting. I had an all round positive meeting with everything on track. Then I caught another taxi back to the airport with my colleague who was flying out to Melbourne and it was here I thought the fun would begin.

I was booked on a 4:20pm flight out, but it was only 1pm. So I wanted to see if I could get an earlier flight. Only problem was I didn’t have any ID with me as it was in my wallet, which as I mentioned earlier I had conveniently left at home. So I went up to the Qantas desk and explained my situation. He had a look at my options and could get me onto a 2:20pm flight. I explained again that I didnt have any ID. He said that if you check in on line, you dont need ID and if you check in at the automated machine, you don’t need any ID. So he said lets just do it. And he did. Now I’m just waiting to board. I had a muslie bar in my bag and a small water from my morning flight. So I’m set. What could have been a horrendous day turned out to be a breeze!

Pretty amazing how technology can work for you and when someone is in need people will help you without question.

Made my day a happy one!

When have travel plans gone completely wrong for you, but ended up great in the end?



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