Beauty Product Review: Australis Tint My Brow


I just had to share this great product with you all! The in trend right now as most of you will know or have noticed is the sculpted and defined brow. Well this product will help you do this 100%!

Tint My Brow by Australis is the bomb for brows. As they say on the tube “Brows are back! Tint, define & control brows with this coloured lightweight formula.

Its very easy to apply.

1. Remove the applicator from the tube
2. Even out the amount of product on the applicator to your liking by wiping it on the edge of the tube opening.
3. Lightly brush the product up and through your brows to apply to the hairs first and get them all in the right direction.
4. Do a second coat this time onto the skin if necessary to fill gaps and create an even shape.
5. Touch up if necessary

And its easy to remove whilst still wet but once dry ut sets your brow hairs in place for perfect brows all day long!!
The tint is not permanent and removes easily with a makeup wipe or makeup remover.

Available in Australia at Priceline, Target and any other retailers that stock the Australis Makeup range.

See my before and after shot!



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