The Pursuit of Happiness: MIA

Hi everyone! So I’ve been MIA for a few weeks but all has been well! I have had the opportunity to go hard at my Happiness Project for the last couple of weeks whilst the Lord of Loyalty and Logic has been in India for work.

So yes my Happiness Project has been going since mid June where I have set a focus for each month and 4-6 goals to help that focus.

How did this come about? Well in mid June was my 20 yr high school reunion. I didn’t go. I had planned to go but 2 weeks out I made the decision not to. Why? Well I had also planned to trim down and feel better about myself in the lead up but I didnt achieve that so was embarrassed and decided not to go. Probably the most stupid decision I’ve made in a long time. The morning after the reunion there were loads of photos up of all who went, they all looked fabulous and of course there were a number of girls I had really wanted to get in contact with who had gone. I was absolutely kicking myself and it was a real eye opener for me that I had barely stayed in touch with anyone … So I decided to do something about it.

Anyway it led me to look at my life and make myself happier with it. Thats not to say that I am generally unhappy or depressed as I have a lot to be happy about but like anything or anyone they can improve.

As a result I have been in contact with lots of girls from school and met up with one for lunch a few times which has been fun. It has also pushed me to meet up with other friends I haven’t kept in good contact with for no particular reason. Then I have become generally more organised in life, getting the little niggly tasks done, keeping our home clean and tidy with ease and with out it being a chore.  And finally I have properly been focusing on my wellbeing. Eating less, Eating Healthy and Exercising More … It really is amazing the difference it makes. I highly recommend it.

I think the one thing that makes me feel the happiest is putting more focus on myself and my wellbeing. We so easily forget about ourselves and let ourselves go. I was sharing this thought with a good work friend who has been experiencing a similar thing. We wondered how people with a family and fulltime job manage to focus on themselves and stay fit and healthy both mentally and physically.

We decided some just have the knack and others (aka us) need to work at mastering it and learning good tricks.

So for now I’m trying to stick to walking the dog in the morning, followed by a 20 min yoga home based session, trying to eat as much tasty, fresh, gluten free and minimal dairy food as possible (+ 2L of H²O daily) – aka a little bit of what they are calling paleo, and three days a week of basic body weight workouts (ie dont need a gym membership) and as much walking as possible to keep up to 10000 steps a day. So far so good!

(Note all this stuff called exercise I’ve been doing can only be achieved with some awesome music  …. Thanks greatly to the Pandora app!!)

It all really makes you body aware and most of all it brings a freeness to me which I think is happiness! I think for me its just finding that perfect balance of everything without feeling too overwhelmed or like they are major tasks but enjoyable peices that make up life.

Till next week on the pursuit of happiness …



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