The Pursuit of Happiness – First Steps

My husband (Lord of Loyalty and Logic), my dog (Her Royal Fluffiness) and I have just moved into a new apartment … we have lived in so many now I’m starting to lose count. But finally after many years I think we feel like this new place is somewhere where we can fully relax and be ourselves. We don’t enjoy moving to different places all the time, but I guess in our pursuit for happiness and with life events the past apartments, units, houses, and town houses have just not worked out. It finally feels like we have a home not just a place to live.


It’s not a particularly spacious or grandeur home and to be perfectly straight it is almost identical to our last apartment, mainly because we moved from the one directly above us. But in the short time we have been here (around 3 weeks) we have already done so much to make it our home. Probably because we felt we could and comfortable enough to. Her Royal Fluffiness is definitely more relaxed, we have put pictures and photos on the walls from our travels, we have dotted memorabilia from different events in our lives and with the changes we have made (small as they are) to the layout of our furniture it has really made a huge difference. I know very little about the art of feng-shui, but I believe we totally have it happening at our new place!! Well, it’s working for us.touches in our new home

I won’t go into the boring detail of our problems with the last place but let’s just say from two weeks after we moved in we were aware that the place was on the market and from then on we never felt like we could completely move in. The majority of our belongings remained in boxes and although we were there for just under a year in the end, I think we always deep down felt very unsettled.
It was a big job moving on our own (with no removalists I mean) even though it was just down stairs. We did have the help of the Lord of Loyalty and Logic’s father for one day which was brilliant with getting all the large items moved. We hugely appreciated that! But then it was all the little things that you just don’t know what to do with. However because of the great experience we had already so seamlessly had with our brand new real estate agent, and I guess combined with our desperate want to just get out of the rut we felt we were in with the previous agents and landlord; we had this great air of determination to just do it and get it done. And we did!
But we are happy with our new dwelling with a slightly different outlook on the world, a lovely big courtyard for Her Royal Fluffiness to explore and play in and a bigger feeling of comfort and orderliness for the Lord of Loyalty and Logic and Me.

Our pursuit, however, will continue even with these small first steps.

Till next week in the pursuit of happiness.



The Pursuit of Happiness – Getting Started

So I’ve decided I’m going to really give blogging my best shot … Third time lucky, right? What I mean by that is this is the third time I have attempted to blog, but this time it will be consistently, with meaning and purpose and success!

Why am I doing this? Well there are two reasons:
1. I have recently read a book called The Pursuit of Happiness – and no surprisingly it’s not the book about the movie with Will Smith and his son in it although that was a fabulously awe inspiring movie … Anyway I digress.
The Pursuit of Happiness by Douglas Kennedy leant to me by my beautiful mother-in-law (who is always finding excellent books for me to read! She has such wonderful taste in literature.) is essentially about a young female writer in the 40s and 50s who writes columns mainly in a paper called Saturday/Sunday in Manhattan. It involves a love story that is deeply complicated and generally the effect on her life that this true love has. Not to mention the detailing of limitations that people lived with back in those days through politics and what was perceived as right and wrong. Some of it truly heart wrenching! But in all The Pursuit of Happiness is a very beautifully written and mesmerising story which I highly recommend.

Anyway I was inspired to write/blog by the type of column that she was writing for the Saturday/Sunday newspaper – it was about everyday life in America in her eye with a bit of a tongue in cheek twist as I understood. It made me think I have something to offer in the writing world too. But as now blogging seems to be the new answer to newspaper or magazine column writing these days, I thought well let’s do it!

2. The second reason a very good girlfriend of mine, Raylene Barton – owner and founder of 1Skin Solution has decided to do the 100 Happy Days for her blog. Her very first post featured your’s truly and I was extremely honoured and again this inspired me to write. I like the idea of 100 Happy Days, but it’s not my ‘thing’ to follow the crowd and it now seems to be a thing that a lot of people are covering. As per usual I want to make a difference as obviously I feel I have something to add, something to say but I want it to be worthwhile, different, stand out, successful!

So where do I start? The Pursuit of Happiness … it’s always something very real to everyone, so I think a good place to start. I think it probably is everyone’s main aim in life to be truly happy. But life tends to happen and I think I have something to share on the happenings of life. These are not particularly out of the ordinary happenings but are real and true to most people’s lives. So I venture on with my new blog, what does the pursuit of happiness means to me and the people that surround me?
I would love some frequent feedback on what I write about … is it something that you can relate to or even something that you have never come across or even considered in your entire life?


Till next week in the pursuit of happiness


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